Amkor Technology’s $1.6 Billion Investment in Vietnam: Catalyzing Growth and Technological Advancements

In a historic moment for Vietnam’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, Amkor Technology inaugurated its new semiconductor factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. The event, held in the Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park on October 11, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the semiconductor industry and holds substantial implications for the nation’s ongoing growth story.


The grand opening of Amkor’s newest factory in Bac Ninh saw Amkor executives, industry leaders, government officials and the press during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy of the company.

The Investment and Factory Specifications

Amkor Technology, a leading player in the semiconductor packaging and testing industry, has invested a staggering $1.6 billion in this project. This major investment represents a comprehensive three-phase endeavor, with the first phase alone accounting for $520 million. By 2035, the project is expected to provide employment for approximately 10,000 workers, strengthening the local economy and offering new opportunities for the Vietnamese workforce.

This immense factory covers a vast area of 57 acres (23.1 hectares), and upon completion, it will boast 200,000 square meters of cleanroom space. The factory’s focus in its initial phase centers around testing and providing advanced System-in-Package (SiP) assembly and test solutions. It’s clear that Amkor Technology’s entry into Vietnam is poised to bring a slew of benefits, not only for the semiconductor industry but also for the broader Vietnamese economy.

The Long-Term Commitment and Local Impact

Amkor’s commitment to Vietnam is not merely about business; it’s about fostering a long-term partnership. Their goal is to expand the production market and to establish Vietnam as a pivotal part of the company’s operations and development network in the semiconductor field.

Vietnam’s Economic Transformation

The significance of this endeavor extends beyond Amkor’s strategic move. It mirrors Vietnam’s remarkable journey as a thriving global economic player. As a country that has embraced economic reforms and rapid industrialization, Vietnam’s consistent 6-7% annual economic growth since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007 has turned it into one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting investment destinations.


Inauguration ceremony at Amkor Technology’s Bac Ninh factory. Photo courtesy of the company.

Semiconductor Industry Growth and Local Resilience

Vietnam is now home to a population of 99 million people, making it the world’s 13th most populous country. Its favorable demographic profile and growing middle class have made it an attractive market for foreign investors. Furthermore, Vietnam’s low labor costs, robust infrastructure, and business-friendly environment have contributed to its status as an appealing destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

In addition to the factory’s significance for global supply chains, it’s worth noting that Bac Ninh province, where the factory is located, has experienced an upswing in its industrial production index (IIP). This index went up by 2.38% from August to September, marking a positive shift in the region. The province’s IIP has shown resilience, inching up by 0.01% from September 2022 to September 2023 after decreases in the previous eight months.

Attracting Foreign Investment

Bac Ninh province, which is already home to two Samsung factories, has continued to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). In the first nine months of 2023, the province saw a remarkable increase in FDI, with $860.9 million attracted from 264 projects. This represents a significant growth of 510% year-on-year in terms of capital and 310% regarding the number of projects. Bac Ninh’s success in attracting FDI further underscores its attractiveness as a hub for technology and manufacturing.

In conclusion, Amkor Technology’s $1.6 billion investment in Vietnam’s semiconductor industry signifies a major milestone for both the global technology landscape and Vietnam’s ongoing economic transformation. The factory’s advanced capabilities, Amkor’s long-term commitment, and the broader economic context in Vietnam all come together to shape a brighter future for both the region and the global tech industry. As we watch this exciting journey unfold, it’s clear that Vietnam’s role in the technological revolution is becoming increasingly central.

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Published 10/2023

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