Asia Top Picks Fund Secures Top 3 Spot in Emerging Markets Equity – Asia for December 2023

Reflecting on the notable journey of 2023, Kenno is delighted to share our latest achievement. In the recently unveiled BarclayHedge Monthly Performance Rankings, our Asia Top Picks Fund Class B secured an impressive #3 position in the Emerging Markets Equity – Asia category for December 2023.

This recognition is a testament to the steadfast commitment of our team and the enduring support from our valued investors. In the face of challenging market conditions, Kenno has not only persevered but has thrived, showcasing our dedication to delivering exceptional results. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors for their trust and look forward to building on this success in the coming years. As we embrace this accomplishment right before the onset of Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, we find ourselves inspired by the symbolism of strength, prosperity, and good fortune. Here’s to continued growth and prosperity!

Published 01/2024

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