Empowering Sustainable Finance: Insights from Responsible Business Asia 2023

At Kenno, our commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainable finance is unwavering. That’s why we actively participate in key industry events, including yesterday’s Responsible Business Asia 2023, organized by Reuters.

Responsible Business Asia 2023 provided a dynamic platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to convene and exchange invaluable insights. The event brought together a diverse range of professionals, including finance experts, business leaders, and sustainability practitioners. Throughout the event, we had the opportunity to engage with this vibrant community and collectively contribute to shaping the future of sustainable finance.

The event as a whole encompassed an array of stimulating discussions, covering a wide spectrum of sustainability-related topics. From the keynote panel on mobilizing capital to sessions addressing sustainability amidst financial instability, transforming business with ESG, making room for sustainability through internal engagement, and building a resilient and sustainable supply chain, the event showcased the collective effort towards a sustainable future.

Responsible Business Asia 2023

The final keynote panel, which focused on mobilizing capital to achieve net zero, particularly piqued our interest. Distinguished panelists, including Helge Muenkel, Chief Sustainability Officer at DBS, and Caroline Le Meaux, Global Head of ESG Research, Engagement, and Voting at Amundi, offered profound insights into the challenges and opportunities of sustainable finance. Skillfully moderated by Ruben Langbroek, Head of Asia Pacific at GRESB, the session explored the intricacies of driving financial resources towards sustainable initiatives, inspiring us to delve deeper into the subject.

The panelists thoroughly explored a wide range of topics, emphasizing the critical role of financial institutions and governments in fostering a sustainable ecosystem. They highlighted the importance of policy certainty and government involvement in managing the risk-return ratio for investors, ensuring the flow of capital aligns with sustainable goals. We were particularly intrigued by their discussion on the need for standardized tools to mitigate risks, enabling higher returns and increasing investor confidence in the green market.

Furthermore, the panelists underscored the significance of influencing various stakeholders to achieve the ambitious Net Zero 2050 target. They discussed the collection and quality of ESG data, recognizing its pivotal role in driving informed investment decisions. Their insights into the challenges faced by institutions like DBS and Amundi, such as transitioning sectors, phasing out unsustainable businesses while promoting green alternatives, and the complexities of ensuring positive social impact in emerging markets, were truly impressive. Moreover, they identified the two core challenges in the region: phasing out coal and preserving nature, highlighting their critical importance for shaping a sustainable future.

As participants in the event, these discussions resonated strongly with our work at Kenno. As a fund focused on investing in public companies in Vietnam, we understand the intricate balance of managing risk-return ratios for our investors in an emerging market. The insights shared during the panel further reinforced our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and actively driving positive change within our portfolio companies.

Events like Responsible Business Asia 2023 provide us with a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, share experiences, and stay at the forefront of sustainable finance. By actively engaging in such thought-provoking discussions, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of responsible investing.

About Kenno: Kenno is a regulated asset management firm focused on identifying value in public markets. As a sustainability-driven company, we actively participate in industry events and stay ahead of the curve to better serve our clients. By leveraging our investment expertise and local know-how, we identify high-potential businesses that generate superior returns while driving positive environmental and social impact.

Published 05/2023

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