Up Close and Personal: Kenno’s Tour of Traphaco’s Manufacturing Plant

At Kenno, long-term, active ownership is a central pillar of our investment philosophy. It is key to growing our clients’ capital and establishing closer relationships with investee companies.

Recently, Kenno’s CEO, Mikael Nastamo, and Head of Investments, Giang Nguyen, toured the Hung Yen manufacturing facility of pharmaceutical group Traphaco. During the visit, they had the opportunity to speak with the company’s management team and learn more about the plant’s operation. Mikael and Giang also interacted with employees on the factory floor, gaining a 360-degree view of Traphaco’s processes.

“Maintaining a constructive and balanced relationship is crucial. Our conversation with the company’s management team let us articulate our views and opinions as a shareholder,” says Mikael.

Traphaco is already a market leader in the manufacture, branding, and distribution of traditional remedies and herbal supplements in Vietnam. Looking ahead, the production of Western medicines will be central to Traphaco’s growth story, with the five-year-old Hung Yen factory, among the most modern in Vietnam, producing the firm’s entire range of Western therapeutics.

In 2023, Kenno was invited to participate in Traphaco’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, and our team in Hanoi will be organizing a follow-up meeting and attending the company’s AGM next spring. “We’re always looking for ways to be more hands-on and actively involved with the companies in our portfolio, and this visit was a great opportunity to do just that,” concludes Mikael.

Giang Nguyen and Mikael Nastamo outside Traphaco’s Hung Yen factory plant.

Giang Nguyen and Mikael Nastamo outside Traphaco’s Hung Yen factory plant.

Published 01/2023

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