FPT Expands Global Presence with Cardinal Peak Acquisition

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia’s stock markets, Vietnam has emerged as a shining example of growth and opportunity. The recent acquisition of US-based company Cardinal Peak by FPT Corporation not only solidifies FPT’s position as a technological powerhouse but also mirrors the broader growth story of Vietnam and its stock market. This marks a pivotal moment in FPT’s journey, reflecting the quality of companies within Vietnam’s stock market and their global ambitions.

FPT Corporation – A Pillar of Technological Innovation

Founded in 1988, FPT Corporation has evolved into a global technology and IT services powerhouse, headquartered in Vietnam. Operating in three core sectors – Technology, Telecommunications, and Education – FPT has been a driving force in Vietnam’s technological landscape. With over 35 years of development, FPT’s commitment to practical and effective solutions has positioned Vietnam prominently on the global tech map. The company’s recent recording of US$1.87 billion in total revenue and a workforce exceeding 60,000 employees speaks volumes about its impact.

FPT’s diverse portfolio, including pioneering initiatives in telecommunications, digital media services, and education, showcases its adaptability and innovation. Founded on the principles of sustainability and growth, FPT continues to shape Vietnam’s technological future. The strategic acquisition of Cardinal Peak aligns seamlessly with FPT’s ethos, propelling the company into new realms of global influence and technological innovation.

FPT acquires Cardinal Peak

FPT and Cardinal Peak strategic investment signing ceremony took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: FPT.

FPT’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Cardinal Peak

In a noteworthy stride towards strengthening its global presence, FPT Corporation has successfully acquired Cardinal Peak, a US-based company with over 20 years of expertise in comprehensive product engineering services. ChannelAsia’s article provides direct insights from FPT Corporation’s CEO Nguyen Van Khoa and Cardinal Peak’s CEO Mark Carrington, shedding light on the strategic vision behind the acquisition.

Nguyen Van Khoa emphasizes that this move is not just about expanding FPT’s presence in North America but also enhancing its capabilities in product engineering services. Mark Carrington highlights the alignment of cultures and the shared commitment to innovation, emphasizing the potential for significant contributions to the product engineering landscape. This acquisition is not merely a transaction; it symbolizes a partnership built on mutual values and a shared vision for the future of technology.

Implications for FPT Shareholders and Investors

From a shareholders’ perspective, this acquisition signifies a strategic move that aligns with FPT’s commitment to innovation and global growth. It positions FPT as a key player in the competitive North American market, potentially unlocking new avenues for revenue and technological advancements. This move reflects the growth mindset of companies in the Vietnamese stock market, showcasing their inclination to think long-term, develop core skills, and expand either in-house or through acquisitions.

For investors, this strategic move underscores the attractiveness of Vietnam as an investment destination. It highlights Vietnam’s strong business ties, fostering partnerships not only with the East but also with the West, contributing to the nation’s emergence as a technology hub. As active investors in the market for almost a decade, these acquisitions not only enhance portfolio returns but also reinforce our belief that Vietnam, with its forward-thinking government and quality companies, is the ideal place for long-term investments. FPT’s global expansion strategy adds to the broader narrative of Vietnam’s technological prowess, affirming our commitment to the market’s potential.

Vietnam’s Economic Landscape – A Stock Picker’s Haven

Vietnam, often overlooked in the global market, stands as Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing market. Its economic growth, legislation, and educated population create an environment conducive to the success of companies like FPT. With a population of 100 million, a median age of 33 years, and above-average education scores according to the 2022 PISA survey, Vietnam presents itself as a promising investment destination.


The country’s stable macroeconomics, low corruption index, and competitive stock market with over 1,500 listed companies and US$250 billion in market capitalization make it an ideal choice for stock pickers like us seeking quality investments. The ongoing success stories of companies like FPT are a testament to Vietnam’s potential for growth and its attractiveness as a strategic investment location.


In conclusion, FPT’s acquisition of Cardinal Peak propels the company into new realms of global influence and technological innovation. The implications for shareholders and investors, including Kenno, extend beyond the transaction, reflecting the broader narrative of Vietnam’s rise as a technological powerhouse. As happy shareholders of FPT, we acknowledge the subtle yet significant shifts in the global economic landscape and the continued promise that Vietnam holds for the discerning investor.

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Published 11/2023

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